Thursday, February 13, 2003


that's the best way to describe it. the wind enveloped us, and it was indeed cold. but even with blustery wind, there was snow on the ground and the sun shining in a blue blue sky. my family met today at arlington national cemetery. and it was very peaceful. today would have been mom's 61st birthday, and we wanted to spend it remembering her. celebrating her. celebrating who we are because of her. she lived a life worth celebrating. papa read a poem. and we prayed...thanking God for giving her to us. then we went to the airport. she loved her job! she was a sales agent for continental airlines...and she was good at it. she passed her smiles on to tired travelers. we thought it would be appropriate to remember her today at her airport...where she spent many hours, and touched others' lives. and yes, we had cake.

i will send flowers to a special friend...someone who i think might need a little bright spot in their honor of my mother...her life and her love.

papa and i spent the rest of the afternoon and evening...talking... sharing...reading...scanning pictures... it's a special thing to be able to sit and share...hang out and just be...with a parent. i'm a very lucky girl. i know it. not every child is so blessed to grow into an adult and have their parents as their friends. every night of the last several months that my mom was alive, she would say to me, "God bless you, calondra." and he has. indeed he has...



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