Wednesday, July 21, 2010


it is the middle of the night and i am up because i cannot stop itching. my face. my arms. my shoulders. my belly button. i chase it around and just when i think i've gotten it, it jumps to a new or old spot and itches there.

annoying is one word to describe it. frustrating is another. stupid works too. the itching is a side effect of the pain medicine that i am taking, quite regularly, for my back. it used to be that for every pain pill i took, i added a benadryl too. that has worked nicely for several years. maybe it is just that i have taken so many pain pills so frequently over the past several weeks, that the benadryl has decided that it is no longer going to do its job. kindof like my back.

so, thank goodness for google at 3am when you are itching and for 24-hour walmarts. luckily, i did not have to venture out to walmart, or ask my step-son to venture out for me, as i found a medicine in my basket that can ALSO be used as an antihistamine, therefore quelling the itching sensation that was jumping all over my body. but it's nice to know walmart is there if i had needed it.

so i decided to give the medicine a chance to work before i climbed back in bed to nod off to dreamland, which has been very action-packed recently. last night the pilot stopped the plane at the bank so i could make a deposit, and then the pilot wandered off and we could not find him. i have no idea where we were flying too, just memories of looking and looking and looking for him so we could get on with our trip already. who knows what tonight's dreamland adventure holds...

i think it is time to go find out...


"it is good to remember that we need each other greatly, you and i, more than much of the time we dare to imagine, more than most of the time we dare to admit." - fredrick buechner

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