Tuesday, April 07, 2009

three p's

the annoying one,
the one that makes me giggle
and the one i'm most thankful for

#1 - pinkeye. this is very annoying. two weeks ago i woke up with my eyes crusted shut and when i got them uncrusted, they were as pink as could be. i began immediately putting antibiotic salve in them. of course you probably all know the extreme vigilance required to NOT spread this annoyance to other members of your household, and i washed my hands more times than i could count, used hand sanitizer in the car any time i even touched my face, and started lysol-ing just about every surface i may or may not have touched. i washed all my bedding in hot hot water. and my vigilance paid off - three days, and my eyes were both white again, with no drips and no crust. yea!

and then...

i woke up sunday morning with my left eye crusted shut. what in the world? where did this come from? now understand, my four nieces are visiting for spring break, and norman is staying with me too, and none of them have gotten the slightest hint of this mess. so my hand-washing, hand-sanitizing, lysoling craziness is paying off for them, but for me, my hands are as dry as the desert floor and this morning, the goo had spread to the right eye, so here i am, both eyes pink and all that mess. i think i have to go to the doctor because my ointment does Not seem to be working. hmph.

#2 - pig poop. i have this adorable little porch pig on my front porch. he's concrete and very heavy, but he's my guard-pig of sorts and i adore him. well, a couple of weekends ago robert said something about chicken manure and i informed him that chickens don't make manure, they make poop. its not manure unless, well, You Know. and chickens don't make manure. this of course led to a discussion of other animals and whether they make manure or poop. nevermind that this conversation happened in the car, with robert's 12-year old son in the back seat who could not contain his laughter at the absurdity of the conversation. so we agreed that pigs make poop, and that it is more fun to say because of the alliteration. so when robert was making my beautiful new flower bed out front, he fashioned a small, oval shaped piece of mud and placed in at the pig's posterior. now, i have a weather pig. if you can see the "poop", there is light outside. if you cannot see the "poop" it is nighttime. if the "poop" is wet, it is or has been raining. if the "poop" is dry, it is not raining. if the "poop" moves, it is very, very windy. now you know.

#3 - peace. i've named my home "miremebe hollow". miremebe is my ugandan name and it means peace. so my home, my place, is "peaceful hollow". this week my nieces are all visiting (it's their spring break), and even with a house full of six, there is such an amazing sense of peace here. this weekend, keith's family came to visit as well and robert was here on sunday and it was such a great time of having my family all together here. when i moved here, i had always intended to put a day bed out on my back, screened porch, and that happened this weekend! it's so amazing sitting out there and listening to the sounds of outdoors. it's a great place for napping, and i even spent half of one night sleeping out there!!! it's my new favorite place.

come for a visit and experience it yourself. i'll make sure the pinkeye is gone when you come!


mamadjay said...

sounds wonderful, and i love that your home has a beautiful name now =)


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