Saturday, April 18, 2009


it seems that i've gotten into a bit of a routine with my days and weeks. i assumed that this one would be similar to the last one, or ones. that i would wake up and go about my day or week the same way that i have been.

thursday morning i woke up and had coffee and sat down to check my email. there was a note from my brother norman saying that he had gone out for a walk (he's staying with me for a bit). it was the first sunny day in about a week, and warm and spring-y and a perfect day to be outdoors. he was gone longer than usual but i didn't think twice about it.

then i got a phone call, and the day was not routine or ordinary or similar to the previous ones. my brother was in the hospital and he had had a heart attack. my stomach came up to my throat and i kicked into "crisis" mode. i'm very efficient in crisis mode. very non-emotional in crisis mode. so i made necessary calls and headed over to the hospital. he's pulled through amazingly! the ambulance got him to the hospital quickly, and he bypassed the emergency room to go straight to the cath lab where they put a stint in an artery and opened up the blood flow to the blocked chamber of his heart.

i'm glad my brother is going to be okay. that he is healing well. that i could be here for him to help him through this. he's my family, and i'm fortunate to have grown up in such a family as ours.


Crystal said...

Oh wow, I am so sorry to hear this, but I'm glad he's going to be okay.


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